Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac

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Version: 4.1.14 | Size: 136.01 MB

Version: 4.1.14 | Size: 168.61 MB

Technical Details

Latest Version:Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14
Update Released:February 27, 2023
Publisher:The Apache Software Foundation
Win file:Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.14_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe – 136.01 MB
Mac File:Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.14_MacOS_x86-64_install_en-US.dmg – 168.61 MB


Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac
Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac
Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac
Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac
Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac
Apache OpenOffice Download for Windows (32/64-bit)/ Mac


Apache OpenOffice is the most ridiculously complete and free trade for Microsoft Office programming suite. It is disseminated for nothing by the fundamental engineer, Prophet/Sun. Utilizing the new office program, you can open and alter ODF reports, yet in addition in Microsoft designs (counting the new ones in view of OOXML).

OpenOffice was initially a result of a German organization called StarOffice. Be that as it may, when the organization chose to fabricate an open-source programming place on the web, the program began to be an elective choice for Windows Microsoft Office. Today, the download level of it is quick and developing higher as it is free, whether you are a fledgling or a genius.

It enjoys the benefit of being accessible in 49 dialects and supporting different record designs. Amazing it utilizes low framework assets. I have tried,

This free office suite is reported with APIs authorized under LGPL and SISSL conventions, and written in C++. It basically intends that assuming you are a specialist engineer, you can exploit its source code.

To utilize its basic capabilities that is conceivable regardless of whether you are a novice, as it’s quite simple to utilize. At the point when you download it and you begin utilizing it, you before long understand that it is instinctive. You will think that it is more straightforward assuming you are accustomed to working with Microsoft’s suite.

Why OpenOffice for PC

  • You can introduce it on however many PCs as you need, at home or work, in a business organization.
  • You can add new elements or change existing ones, perhaps interesting to a group of designers (as an engineer, you can bring in cash creating highlights on demand).
  • Anybody can disseminate duplicates with the goal that companions, associates or workers can partake in the benefits of OpenOffice disconnected installer.
  • Accessible for Windows operating system as well as for Macintosh as well.
  • It revises your spelling and sentence structure botches in various dialects on account of its AutoCorrect word reference.
  • Assuming you want ideas to finish familiar words and sentences you can do it with AutoComplete.
  • It upholds PDF documents.
  • Convert crude information effectively into significant data with the High level DataPilot.
  • Make your own equations simply utilizing familiar words.
  • Work with different clients simultaneously with its cooperative working element.
  • Upgrade your pictures by adding straightforwardness, lighting impacts, surface, or an alternate point of view.
  • Organize objects to work in gatherings of items.
  • Embed clipart, or make your own clasps with its superior Picture Exhibition.
  • You have the chance of adding augmentations or layouts.
  • Save it in various configurations with no sort of contradiction to open them with the most widely recognized programs.
  • Support, alter and deal with different configurations, even Microsoft’s office record.


Open Office’s significant elements are by and by utilized in other programming, similar to Microsoft. Quick, reliable and persistent advancements in this program are being made by various workers. Particularly since it is currently taken care of by additional accomplished engineers. A decent sign that the program is recommendable is the mind-boggling support from people in general. To this end new elements are emerging for a superior client experience.

As a rule, OpenOffice has every one of the elements of an office suite. The highlights of this program incorporate author, calc, intrigue, drawing, math and base.

OpenOffice Writer

Text Document: It is a cutting edge word processor, completely prepared to give many highlights to making and altering records that incorporate diagrams, tables or graphs. It tends to be effectively utilized by anybody. OpenOffice is not difficult to utilize like the partner Microsoft Word, Compose nearly has similar instruments as Word.

For every one of your records, Author has all of the great stuff you want to make proficient papers. The Wizard is an effective method for beginning in the event that you are beginning another one. It will direct you bit by bit through the method involved with making outlines, lists, notices, and other publishable substance.

Easy to utilize, both for making fundamental archives, for example, notes, faxes, letters, continues and consolidated reports and complex records with catalogs, reference tables and files, contains language confirmation devices, designing, styles, list, references, representations and different things.

The web design will grow the picture overall window while the print format will show a page in the focal point of the primary window. There are accessible a wide range of toolbars and different text record settings. The menu is like MS Office Word so those that have utilized this application will have no issues in involving Open Office for Windows 11.

You can choose a specific text dimension for your reports, striking or italics letters, and so on. Assuming that you experience troubles in utilizing and exploring through the choices you ought to realize that there is an Assistance segment. Here you can track down an extensive aide about how to utilize Open Office’s most recent variant and its devices.

You can save reports in various configurations including standard and ODT designs, Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX or HTML designs. You can without much of a stretch product records in PDF or XHTML (.html/.xhtml).

Assuming you work with various dialects, the program can deal with that as well. Any misstep types can be amended immediately with the AutoCorrect word reference. Different elements like Word are AutoComplete, text outlines and connecting, chapter by chapter guide from there, the sky is the limit.

OpenOffice Calc

Spreadsheet: Apache OpenOffice gives a calculation sheet very much like MS Succeed. To make any sort of bookkeeping sheet to compute, present or dissect your information, you can do it with Calc. The highlights are appropriate both for amateurs (with an instinctive point of interaction) and for proficient clients.

It likewise has a huge number of cutting edge highlights like Measurable and banking capabilities for complex computations. An incredible situation supervisor to see the quick consequence of the changed term of the estimations. Regardless of these, Calc offers many highlights, including normal language equations, DataPilot, Astute Aggregate button, Situation Supervisor, Calc Solver, and Wizards. Calc likewise permits joint effort, so different clients can enter extra information to your document.

While working with a Calculation sheet, the buttons on the left-hand side will help in making various kinds of graphs. A bar, pie, net outline and line diagram are accessible with graph wizards to assist with computerizing the interaction.

There is likewise a Structure Capabilities button that springs up a toolbar containing Check, Text, Rundown and Combo box buttons, as well as Date, Time, Mathematical, Organized, Money and Example Field buttons.

Just Bookkeeping sheet documents approach Information base Client instruments that incorporate characterizing and choosing a Reach as well as Arranging, Sifting and giving Subtotals and the sky is the limit from there. These additionally support ODBC/JDBC agreeable data sets.

It permits the expansion of data set tables, bookkeeping sheets can be utilized as information hotspots for making letters in Author. Likewise, you can make dynamic graphs that consequently update at whatever point you change the information and save records in various arrangements including ODF Accounting sheet design (.ODS), Microsoft Succeed (.xls/.xlsx), dBASE (.dbf) or HTML. You are additionally ready to trade reports in .pdf and .html.


It does not allow keyboard shortcuts, which can be a problem for Excel experts. There is no support for VBA macros, which makes Calc unable to convert macros-laden Excel files.

OpenOffice Impress

Presentations: Dazzle is a basic option in contrast to PowerPoint. It is a successful instrument for making proficient sight and sound introductions. The Show slide ranges are exceptionally instinctive and are drifting with Addition Slide, Adjust Slide Format, Slide Plan and Copy Slide accessible for determination. There is a ruler on top and left of the slide. On the upper right-hand side are 5 unique perspectives to browse Drawing, Layout, Slide, Notes and Present as well as a button to Begin Slide Show.

With many apparatuses for making vector designs, you can utilize 2D and 3D pictures, text styles, embellishments, liveliness and layouts to make anything you need. There are a few perspectives accessible for altering your introductions. Dazzle likewise upholds various screens, device bookmarking, and a ton of graphing and drawing instruments.

While opening the Show module on the screen, a show wizard window. Here you can choose “Void show, From layout and Opening existing show. If you would rather not manage the wizard you can pick the “Don’t show this wizard once more” choice. In the Show segment, you can make superb introductions as there are a lot of devices to do that.

There is a slideshow choice, slide configuration, slide format and slide. You can zoom the picture and furthermore add a hyperlink. There is likewise accessible a table and a diagram. These are only several altering devices that can be tracked down in the Show module.

You can likewise tweak the point of interaction so the instruments we normally use are only a tick away. Dazzle upholds saving reports in various arrangements like .odp, .ppt, .pptx, or HTML. You can undoubtedly trade archives in .pdf, Macromedia Streak (SWF) and numerous other picture designs like BMP, JPG, PNG and SVG.


  • On the downside, it does not allow multimedia additions, which is a disadvantage. Since it’s a Microsoft counterpart but cannot also handle the same files. Although it is as good as PowerPoint, Impress cannot handle new versions of the said MS program.

OpenOffice Draw

Vector Graphics: Apache OpenOffice is a device that permits you to make both basic and complex plans. It contains an exhibition of pictures, movements, sounds and different articles. You can utilize both in Draw and in different projects. You can make straightforward 3D items like solid shapes, circles, and chambers and even change their sources. Embedding tables, outlines, recipes or different items made in OpenOffice.org programs has never been more straightforward.

You can associate articles utilizing exceptional lines called connectors to show the connection between objects, helpful for making hierarchical outlines and specialized charts. With Draw, anybody can undoubtedly trade records like PDF, HTML (.htm/.html), XHTML (.html/.xhtml), and so on. So to make dynamic 3D representations and graphs, you can do it with Draw, despite the fact that it very well may be a smidgen more muddled.

OpenOffice Base

Database: Base is a helpful device for making and controlling data sets. Has both an instinctive graphical point of interaction and a SQL interface. With Base, you can make, alter and erase tables, inquiries, structures and reports utilizing the data set motor or HSQL. The base will help you import and product information in various arrangements.

Base completely coordinates with other Open Office devices, so providing address books in Essayist and connected information in Calc is a snap. Draw can deal with most picture organizations, and one astonishing capability is its capacity to make Streak variants of your documents.


  • It does not have an onboard database such as Access. Some offices rely on their homegrown Access database. So OpenOffice would have to be combined with a simple database application for these personal and small businesses.


Layouts can be made without any preparation or downloaded. There are accessible all document types are Formats that incorporate selectable 3D Impacts, Foundations, Projectiles, Rulers, and Sounds. There are various styles and organizing choices you can utilize.

You can download various expansions and layouts from the engineers’ site to exploit its adjustable highlights. One of the most-utilized augmentations is the Current Control center Expansion which allows you to see the following slides, time left, and notes while you are doing an oral show. Simply an amazing extra!


Generally speaking, the UI of Open Office applications may not fulfill long-lasting Microsoft program clients. In any case, assuming you really want the essential capabilities for drawing, computing, and composing, these projects can work well for the reason. Much exertion is given not to emulate any of Microsoft’s connection points, so clients can expect a major contrast while checking the two suites out.

A few clients even say that these projects are dull-looking, yet it truly relies upon your visual inclination. So in the event that you need you can get an immediate authority download connect from Apache. Assuming you need more data about OpenOffice free, you can track down it on the Wikipedia site here.

Apache OpenOffice 32-bit /64-bit System Requirement

Minimum Hardware Requirement

  • Processor: Supports Any CPU
  • Memory: At least 2 GB RAM for the fast experience
  • Hard Disk: 300 MB free space for installation
  • Resolution: 1024×768 or higher

Supported Operating System

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7
  • macOS (OS X) 10.5 to 10.15
  • 64-bit / x64 system

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