BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download

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Extra Data

Google Play ID: io.funswitch.blocker

Version: 4.9.23

Developer: Atmana Tech

Requires: 6.0

Size: 90.97 MB

MOD Features: Premium Unlocked

Updated: 2023/11/11

BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download


BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.23 (Premium Unlocked) These days, individuals frequently wind up snared to their numerous moment satisfactions while utilizing cell phones, particularly when you’re dependent via web-based entertainment organizations, pornography, or certain internet based amusement administrations. The demonstration of carelessly looking all over on your cell phone screen will consume a ton of your significant time.

Furthermore, the restless evening of remaining up really looking at your telephones, doing pornography, watching shows, and enjoying other habit-forming internet based content won’t significantly benefit you for sure. In this way, its the ideal opportunity for you to take your actions and totally have an impact on the manners in which you cooperate with these advanced amusements. Allow you to be the one to control them, not the reverse way around.

More deeply study this marvelous portable use of BlockerX and figure out how it can assist you defeat your computerized addictions with our top to bottom audits.

How can it respond?

With BlockerX, Android clients will have themselves the completely highlighted versatile application for impeding any internet based content to dispose of these interruptions and allurements while utilizing your telephones or tablets. Subsequently, permitting you to appreciate improved efficiency and utilize these shrewd gadgets the manners in which they were intended to be utilized. Also, it’s to serve us in our everyday undertakings not to subjugate us to our own enticements.

Utilize the straightforward and simple highlights gave by the application to hinder applications and sites on the entirety of your associated gadgets. Partake in the easy to understand and helpful application with its valuable obstructing highlights for clients of any age and foundations. Get the opportunities to join the huge internet based local area highlighting numerous supportive individuals and individuals like you who are endeavoring to work on themselves consistently. Make full purposes of the different obstructing choices to uninhibitedly modify your in-application encounters. Block content utilizing different strategies and mechanics. The rundown goes on.


For those of you who are intrigued, you can now partake in the free rendition of BlockerX on the Google Play Store, which ought to be accessible for all Android clients to appreciate without paying for their downloads. Here, the free application gives large numbers of its helpful highlights for you to effortlessly chip away at changing your way of life and working on your degrees of efficiency. In any case, since it’s as yet a freemium application, there will be promotions and premium highlights that expect you to pay to open

Like all Android applications, BlockerX clients are prescribed to have their cell phones refreshed to the most recent firmware renditions, ideally Android 6.0 and up, since this will extraordinarily work on the in-application dependability and empower the more viable application. What’s more, at same time, remember to constantly furnish the application with all expected admittance consents, which are expected to guarantee their total usefulness and better highlights.

Instinctive application UI and open highlights

From the outset, BlockerX clients will experience no difficulties working with the natural application UI and its available elements. Basically enter the application and uninhibitedly explore around the perfect formats, making utilizations of the undemanding highlights, and preparing to impede any web-based administrations, applications, or content on your cell phones.

Strong blocker application for all clients

With BlockerX, Android clients will have themselves the strong blocker application for some reasons and clients, everything being equal. Go ahead and make utilizations of the wonderful versatile application to work on your sexual wellbeing by keeping pornography or even incautious substance from being displayed on your telephone. Conquer your pornography dependence by continuously utilizing your purged Android gadgets.

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now turn into much more useful and zeroed in while dealing with your cell phones, since the application will totally dispose of any interruptions. Continuously protect your telephone from kids by obstructing all unseemly substance for your youngsters. The rundown goes on. Go ahead and utilize the application for yourself or your youngsters to capitalize on its many elements.

Make utilizations of the strong grown-up satisfied blocker

Like BlockSite, BlockerX allows you to exploit the strong Grown-up Happy Blocker instrument, which totally limits versatile clients from getting to improper substance. Just utilize the application to keep away from every one of the normal grown-up locales and online administrations on your cell phones. Or on the other hand add your own particular passages to additionally work on the application.

Keep clients from uninstalling the application

What’s more, simultaneously, you can now empower the Forestall Uninstall include, as your last determination for the outrageous addictions. Utilize this component so you will not have the option to effectively uninstall the application, just to get your moment satisfactions. Utilize the strong application to assist you with being less reliant upon your resolve to oppose the inclinations, since you’re passed on without any decisions to bear them.

Join the accommodating web-based local area

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now join the accommodating web-based local area in BlockerX, which highlights many astounding people who have finished extraordinary accomplishments, as well as those amateurs very much like you. Go ahead and take part in their many posts telling their advancement and refreshing their continuous difficulties. What’s more, simultaneously, additionally transfer your own presents on share with the local area. Respond to posts, make companions, and help each other advancement in the excursion.

Get your own responsible accomplices

With BlockerX, Android clients can now appreciate working with any responsible accomplices to assist them with conquering the obstructions together. Track down companions in the web-based local area or request that your companions assist you with the difficulties. Here, the application allows your companions to screen your objectives and push you forward while battling with desires.

Empower safe hunts on your gadgets

All grown-up satisfied will be totally taken out from your program, utilizing the Protected Pursuit highlight in BlockerX. Basically enter the application and channel content from Google, Bing, and numerous other web indexes. Apply your own Protected Hunt settings so the application can change its channels, following your own inclinations.

Empower word blockers to decrease the triggers

What’s more, more often than not, individuals frequently get set off by specific delicate words, which promptly make them fall once again into the deep, dark holes. Thus, it’s essential to dispose of those setting off words while you’re dealing with your cell phones. Just utilize the application to stay away from words that help you to remember grown-up satisfied or things that connect with your addictions. This will deal with both your programs and applications, so you will not need to see these delicate words at any point down the road.

Block all diverting applications

Simultaneously, BlockerX clients can decide to hinder all diverting applications, particularly informal communities or games that they wound up excessively dependent on. Utilize this component to give yourself a proper measure of time to utilize these organizations consistently. Or on the other hand preclude you from getting to those applications or games totally assuming that you’re having serious issues. Also, with the trusted and strong obstructing highlights in BlockerX, you will not have the option to return your settings. Along these lines, making a point to work on your advancement.

Supportive articles and video courses

For those of you who are intrigued, you can unreservedly investigate the numerous supportive articles and video courses in BlockerX, each permitting you to concentrate on the solid computerized way of life much more. Figure out how to battle your inclinations and defeat numerous snags while battling against your computerized addictions through the many articles. Additionally, the supportive substance will likewise allow you to seek after your solid ways of life overall.

to save your information

To ensure that your in-application information is secured and synchronized, BlockerX clients can decide to join utilizing their messages or their Google account. This will empower online puts something aside for your advancement and permit you to match up your information between gadgets. In this way, making the in-application encounters much more advantageous.

Partake in the premium application with the expectation of complimentary utilizing our mod
For those of you who are intrigued, you can now partake in the top notch variant of the application utilizing our free mod, rather than following through on full costs for your membership. Here, we offer the exceptional opened application with eliminated advertisements and limitless elements, which will permit you to capitalize on it. Just download the BlockerX Mod APK, adhere to the given guidelines, and you’re all set.

Last decisions

With strong blocker choices and valuable highlights, BlockerX will make an extraordinary versatile instrument for you to safeguard your Android gadgets unfortunate substance, as well as to assist you with combatting your numerous computerized addictions on the cell phones.

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