Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)

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Developer:Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Size:120.86 MB
MOD Features:Unlimited Skill points


Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)
Download Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points)

Space Gangster 2 MOD APK v2.6.6 (Unlimited Skill Points) Space Hoodlum 2 is a free activity game in space climate. You assume the part of a cutting edge robot, and you can do a great deal of astounding things. You are allowed to behave like: take your vehicle in astounding 3D designs; Practical material science experience. The game has many models of houses, or vehicles for collaboration. You browse various weapons, and investigate tremendous guides. Exciting game with a great many downloads, and you have some control over the circle station to save the world. The excursion is difficult, and you need to overcome numerous vast foes with a different stockpile. The game intrigues when you can assume the part of a criminal on an enormous space station. You participate in outrageous fights, make astounding trips on spaceships, and select extraordinary heroes in an astonishing future.

About Interactivity

Space Criminal 2 is set about a famous space station in an enormous world. The game has a place with the class of room shooter. You’ll track down heaps of extraordinary devices, weapons, and methods to battle a wide assortment of foes in astounding practical 3D designs. You enter another time, and everything is continuing forward. Progress is the period of looters, professional killers, war, human-robot power. You go through space stations in the tremendous space study hall world, investigate the wrongdoing scene, and save the world from top hoodlums. You utilize a munititions stockpile of strong current weapons, and assume command over new present day vehicles.

Space Hoodlum 2 offers the full insight of a third-individual shooter. You generally feel dynamic and fascinating while controlling the person. Players will go into the far off future, and assume the job of a space hoodlum. You will work in a distant state, and the region isn’t heavily influenced by the police or the military. You effectively oversee the space association with various strong weapons. The game highlights numerous one of a kind vehicle/cruiser models, weighty defensively covered vehicles and exceptional hardware. You have the mobility and development speed to appreciate wonderful designs in an enormous open world. The game is suggestive of GTA (Fantastic Burglary Auto) style, and the game scene happens in the far off future. Players will go around the open world, performing different unlawful missions. You take part in many engagements with police, group burglars and banks. You can race vehicles, obliterate desperados and complete energizing wrongdoing missions. Moreover, you can investigate the advanced city, passing the roads on cutting edge vehicles and motorbikes.

The game is for the individuals who need to wander into a virtual universe. Since you should finish risky missions, annihilate foes, gather experience focuses and monetary rewards. The game is created and controlled by Naxeex LLC, and got positive audits from players. What’s more, the game generally has new updates consistently. Nonetheless, the game isn’t appropriate for all ages on account of components of brutality or activity. A few things must be bought with genuine cash in the application. At any rate, the game has been fruitful as a “GTA” Portable variant in the space climate. Since you will actually want to do numerous things, for example, travel around the open world, play out countless fascinating missions with regards to the game, take part in countless fights with policing. The game is brimming with habit-forming sandbox components like bank burglary, dashing, different missions, challenges with strong managers. Furthermore, you can likewise meander to investigate the city, drive in the city by super advanced vehicle/motorbike.

Space Hoodlum 2 is really a game that effectively reenacts opportunity in space. You go on experiences as a cheat, investigate a monster map with numerous great things. You complete missions around the tremendous world in any capacity you need. You can kick robots, take passerby vehicles, or drive science fiction space machines. You likewise need to procure focuses to expand abilities, and take off from the police each time you commit an error. The game brings a ton of energy and tomfoolery. The game offers countless novel weapons and method for obliteration. You sow wrongdoing in a tremendous experience world, and need to turn into the head of room.


Space Hoodlum 2 has exceptionally straightforward controls, and the essential buttons will seem when you want an activity. You pick how to order through the buttons on the screen to make a move: like strolling, holding a weapon or driving. The game backings one button to run, however assuming you run fiercely, the person will lose energy rapidly. The game gets various locale enormous space as a space hoodlum. You utilize the buttons to control your spaceship, drive cars capable of flying and novel motorbikes. So, the game has an exact and instinctive control interface, alongside simple ongoing interaction. From here, you can undoubtedly make a move, for example, perform theft, escape from police pursuit, control a battle robot or a tank, obliterate all that around because of laser firearm and rockets.

Designs and sound

Space Hoodlum 2 elements top notch 3D illustrations on the telephone stage. The game highlights particular interactivity and is suggestive of the quality illustrations from GTA 3 games. Great illustrations components will fulfill every advanced player. The game is enhanced on the Android working framework, and players will partake in an extraordinary computer game in great 3D designs, energizing computer generated simulation material science in an immense guide.

Assuming that you like the sandbox classification, you can attempt “Genuine Criminal Wrongdoing”. The game recreates the genuine of hoodlum in the complicated wrongdoing world. You should attempt to be the mogul of the hidden world, and appreciate energizing third-individual 3D shootings. The game is loaded with RPG components in an open 3D world. You act openly across the enormous city, finishing troublesome missions to turn into a genuine criminal in the savage city. You should kill every single phony contender, and construct an extraordinary underground realm.


To put it plainly, Space Hoodlum 2 is an extraordinary allowed to-play activity game, and you’ll feel numerous similitudes with Fabulous Burglary Auto. The game forms effectively in the far off future, you play as a criminal in the enormous open world, performing a wide range of unlawful missions. You are prepared to battle the police, and perform numerous troublesome missions like bank burglary, dashing, annihilate different looters. You can unreservedly investigate the city representing things to come in shocking 3D illustrations. The game offers an entrancing activity experience in the virtual universe. You perform perilous missions, obliterate foes, get experience focuses and monetary compensations. Top notch designs will amuse all advanced gamers, and prepare to encounter the interesting inestimable adaptation of GTA on your telephone.

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