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Join huge number of different players in the biggest web-based tower protection round of Domain Safeguard. Here you'll approach amazing beasts and legends that would either assist you with protecting your foes or go along with them. Figure out about this inconceivable Android game with our survey.
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Realm Defense MOD APK 2.9.9 (Unlimited Money) Join huge number of different players in the biggest web-based tower protection round of Domain Safeguard. Here you’ll approach amazing beasts and legends that would either assist you with protecting your foes or go along with them. Figure out about this inconceivable Android game with our survey.


The game takes you to a tumultuous domain where clashes of people, beasts, and other supernatural creatures are battled for the sole leader of the grounds. This continuous methodology game would require your expertise fighting to overcome and fabricate your own territory.

With the ascent of the Demise Knights, a coalition of old powers including the winged serpents, wizards, knights, ice sovereigns, and other magical animals as well as beasts. You might your own coalition of the Associated Realms at any point must choose the option to wage war and protect from these strong creatures.

Take benefits of your imposing pinnacles, open advances, strong guns, and with the assistance of valuable elixirs, you should fence off their assaults to safeguard individuals. Wage war and be the legend you’ve without exception needed to turn into.

Ongoing interaction

As the battles take places in the vast lines of the countries, you’ll need to travel huge spans and set up your guards relying upon the landscapes. That being said, with each battle, your procedure should be acclimated to adjust to the circumstances. If not, you’ll be overwhelmed by the strong adversaries.

To assist you with managing the difficulties, the game offers a wide range of abilities and capacities to every one of your pinnacles as well as other protection gear. In augmentations, you’ll get help from the strong legends whose powers rival those unfortunate magical creatures.

Additionally, the pleasant system game offers different playing styles with its various journeys and missions. You can join journeys to protect the honest locals abducted by the adversaries or gather specific assets for overhauls and enhancers. The tomfoolery is generally unending with Domain Guard. Figure out more about its interactivity with these remarkable elements.

Long periods of interminable tomfoolery and happiness

The game offers long periods of interminable tomfoolery and happiness from its huge interactivity. That being said, you’ll have north of 300 unique levels to assume your control and building abilities to the test. Each level would accompany their own difficulties which expect you to make great purposes of your pinnacles and other fire powers as well as utilizing the right strategies to win.

Challenges different universes and domains

The world in Domain Guard is separated into a few areas, each with their own natural characteristics. Subsequently, the foes and regular circumstances can be fluctuated. That being said, you’ll have to utilize particular sorts of pinnacles deciding on the guides. To help you this, the game gives 4 unique pinnacles in every domain.

Test your abilities at the competitions

Aside from the mission games, you’ll likewise get the opportunity to scrutinize your abilities and capacities with the thrilling competitions. Take advantage of your abilities to overcome strong adversaries and procure amazing prizes.

Power up your protection with strong legends

To manage a blended multitude of various units, you’ll have to effectively consolidate the abilities of your pinnacles. In any case, at times, that by itself isn’t sufficient to stop your foes’ advances. Consequently, you’ll likewise get the assistance from strong legends, each with their own exceptional capacities. You’ll have Expense the Bowman who bargains mind boggling harms from a remote place to your propelling foes, Lancelot the Knight with his relentlessness in the fight to hold down the adversaries, Seethe the Mythical serpent with his overwhelming fireballs which can totally clear out many adversaries in a solitary blow, and a lot more to come. With their assistance, you’ll have a superior possibility overcoming the intruders.

Monsters supervisors to manage

Notwithstanding, in spite of the assistance of the powerful legends, the battles are still very troublesome as the adversaries additionally have their own “legends”. These are the ones that we frequently allude to as “Managers”. The beasts have unbelievable power as well as crazy measures of wellbeing that permit them to support even your mightiest harms. Prepare to manage the Skeleton Mage, Troll Ruler, and other amazing beasts in this in any condition combat zone.

Different adversaries with various powers

Beside the assistance of your legends, you’ll likewise get the guide from your extraordinarily valuable powers. That being said, you can get sufficiently close to marvelous capacities which permit you to consume the adversaries, freeze them with your strong ice impacts, and a lot more spells. With each match, you’re permitted to utilize something like 4 unique spells, take full advantage of them and you’ll procure your triumph.

Allowed to play

Dislike the majority of the other pinnacle guard games on Google Play Store or other application showcases, the game is totally allowed to play. Accordingly, you’ll should simply go to the store, download and introduce in on your gadgets to begin playing. Despite the fact that there are still some in-application buys, the greater part of them will not affect your excursion. Simply give a valiant effort with each coordinate and you’ll be compensation with important awards.

Visual and sound quality


The game offers mind boggling illustrations with extraordinary plans and definite enhanced visualizations. Each guide includes a wonderful scene which makes each match much really enamoring. In options, the person movements are likewise very noteworthy as it adds a ton of energizing components to the battles.

For the people who are imagining that their gadgets wouldn’t be fit for playing the game, sit back and relax. Except if you’re utilizing an Android telephone from back in 2010, this game is likely playable on your telephone. During our test, the vast majority of the gadgets perform all around well with a couple of special cases. The ongoing interaction is for the most part smooth without any slacks or stammers are recorded.


To make each fight significantly seriously invigorating, the game conveys awesome sound encounters with effective audio effects during the fights. Every single in-game activity can be effectively perceived inside the space of seconds because of their one of a kind audio cues. In any event, during a packed fight, you can in any case ready to deal with each unit effortlessly. In addition, the strong music likewise makes the game very exciting and fascinating simultaneously.

Download Domain Safeguard Mod most recent 2.9.9 Android APK

With great interactivity and many highlights to anticipate, it would be a disgrace not having this game introduced on your gadgets, particularly when it’s totally allowed to play. Check it out and you will not be frustrated.

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