ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download

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Extra Data

Google Play ID: ru.poas.englishwords

Version: 3.22.1

Developer: POAS

Requires: 5.0

Size: 31.80 MB

MOD Features: Premium Unlocked

Updated: 2023/10/24

ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download


ReWord MOD APK 3.22.1 (Premium Unlocked) For those of you who are attempting to work on your English jargon, the customary learning techniques probably won’t turn out best for you, and you really want further developed instruments for the errands. Presenting Rephrase, the profoundly compelling language gaining application from POAS, which was intended to advance the separated reiteration learning strategy, so portable clients can appreciate learning English and get better at the language.

Experience no difficulties entering the application and begin utilizing its many highlights so you can appreciate extending your English jargon with its monstrous word assortments from various classifications and differing challenges. Just plunge into Rephrase so you can begin learning new words consistently and furthermore work on your English information in various regions.

All figure out additional about this wonderful versatile apparatus from POAS and its astounding highlights with our exhaustive surveys.

How can it respond?

With Revamp, Android clients will have the ideal portable stage for assisting them with learning the English language, especially to extend their assertion jargon and permit them to successfully utilize them more. Just enter the application and select your learning inclinations so Rephrase can begin giving you incredible activities of various levels, which will assist you with learning new words and become more productive with their purposes.

Appreciate learning English utilizing any of your most memorable dialects. Make utilizations of the nitty gritty and instinctive clarifications to completely concentrate on the dialects and grasp their implications. Open the various settings so you can alter your growth opportunities and your in-application cooperations as per your specific inclinations. Get the dispersed reiterations for your new words so you can rapidly remember them. Audit your words at whatever point you need to store them in your drawn out memory. Also, make utilizations of numerous other extraordinary elements so you can partake in the application without limit.


For those of you who are intrigued, you can now partake in the free variant of Revamp from the Google Play Store, which ought to be accessible for all Android clients to appreciate on their cell phones. Here, the free application furnishes you with numerous incredible elements that you can appreciate without paying. Notwithstanding, if you need to capitalize on its elements, there will be promotions and in-application buys that you really want to pay to open.

What’s more, as other Android applications, Revamp clients are expected to constantly furnish the application with specific access authorizations, which are provoked upon your most memorable time entering its home menu. Here, you’ll have to acknowledge the solicitations so the application can work appropriately. Furthermore, simultaneously, remember to constantly have your cell phones refreshed to the most recent firmware forms, ideally Android 4.4 and up, since it’ll significantly work on your in-application steadiness and similarity.

Basic and simple to utilize

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now uninhibitedly investigate the great versatile apparatus of Revamp and partake in its many highlights in a hurry. Experience no difficulties utilizing the natural application UI with speedy routes and straightforward collaborations to easily communicate with the application. Here, all you want is to choose the specific inclinations and the application will naturally furnish you with illustrations and new words that you can learn. Essentially focus on the notices or enter the application to get your new illustrations consistently.

Learn English with your different first dialects

Here in Rephrase, Android clients are permitted to study and gain proficiency with their new English words in various dialects. Go ahead and select your favored first dialects prior to entering the application, so you can begin learning English in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Korean, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. All of which ought to make the application much more available for portable clients.

Extend the jargon with your #1 classifications

To ensure that you can capitalize on your growth opportunities, Revamp will include an enormous 12000+ word jargon, which will ensure that clients can proceed with their examinations at any level. Go ahead and peruse the a great many different English words and expressions in Revamp, surprisingly different classifications to match your inclinations.

Get the a large number of English words and expressions from the New Broad Help Rundown and Oxford 3000 and 5000, which comprise of the main words that you can realize while acquainting yourself with the language. And furthermore jump into the numerous classes of Creatures, Home, Varieties, Family, Cash, Number, Individual, Callings, Transport, Time and Schedule, Essential Action words, Sporadic Action words, and that’s just the beginning. All of which will permit you to pick the right words to learn.

Go ahead and tweak the classes whenever, so you can organize your opportunities for growth in Rephrase. Furthermore, it’s likewise feasible for portable clients to add their own words and classifications to the application, which will make it much seriously intriguing.

Natural and point by point clarifications and elocutions

With Revamp, Android clients will have their natural and point by point clarifications of the words, so they can completely understand their significance, elocutions, and differing utilizes. Get your moment interpretations and itemized clarifications of the words so you can completely figure out them and figure out how to involve them in various settings.

Approach the definite record and elocutions so you can articulate them all the more precisely. Furthermore, utilize the instinctive cheat sheets with pictures and model sentences so you can naturally get familiar with the language. Go ahead and redo the robot voice with adaptable discourse rates, programmed elocutions, and different choices to make the talking highlight much seriously invigorating.

Pick the number of words you that need to learn each day

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now pick the number of words you that wish to learn in Rephrase in a solitary day. Here, the application allows you to pick between 5 to 100 distinct words, contingent upon your capacities. Go ahead and select your presets and tweak the settings later on the off chance that you wish to increment or abatement the degrees of trouble. Furthermore, for the superior clients, you might in fact get limitless word ideas in Rephrase for your consistent opportunities for growth.

Utilizing dispersed redundancies to productively remember words

Also, talking about which, by utilizing the separated reiterations, portable clients can actually get familiar with their words and remember them without battles. Here, the science-based approach permits you to remember your words with divided updates, which can assist with reviving your memory and save the new words into your drawn out stockpiling inside the cerebrum. Continuously utilize the application to appreciate learning with extraordinary productivity.

Survey your concentrated on words

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now utilize Rephrase to audit your concentrated on words at whatever point you need. Like Drops Language Learning and Duolingo, you can utilize the suggestions to survey the words. Or on the other hand enter the Survey menu to physically peruse the concentrated on words and use them to revive your memory. You can survey your words from the picked classifications or from the whole jargon in Revamp. Go ahead and redo the settings to additionally further develop your growth opportunities.

Keep tracks of your advances

Every one of your cycles in Revamp will be saved so you can continue to audit your learning exercises inside the application. Go ahead and put forth your day to day objectives and use them to endeavor on accomplishing your achievement consistently. You can then utilize the tracker to survey your advancement and get inspired for additional investigations.

Utilize the Blended mode for both new and old words

To utilize the application, Revamp clients can now empower the Blended mode to get both their new and old words being presented. Make utilizations of this component so Rephrase can furnish you with illustrations on the new words and updates of the concentrated on words. This will make it significantly more advantageous for the individuals who wish to learn and reexamine their jargon simultaneously.

Accessible for disconnected learnings

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now appreciate learning the language utilizing the Disconnected mode. Here, Revamp gives clients numerous language choices without requiring the Web. Subsequently, permitting you to learn, survey, and reexamine your jargon at whatever point and any place you go. Presently, there is no requirement for you to search for dynamic Wi-Fi organizations or to turn on your cell phones.

Offer different appearance settings

To make the application really fascinating, Revamp clients can utilize the different appearance settings to tweak the in-application UI. Here, you can pick either the basic Constantly modes to empower better perceivability during the day or safeguard your eyes during the evenings, individually. What’s more, decide to empower livelinesss for better collaborations or incapacitate them to save your battery.

Never lose your in-application information

All your in-application information from Rephrase can now be handled utilizing the reinforcement highlights. Here, you can decide to save your information in the nearby stockpiling or transfer your reinforcements to find out about Drive. Basically utilize the reestablish choice to recover all your in-application information or to match up your cycles on different gadgets if necessary.

Last decisions

With intuitive and open highlights, along with the monstrous assortment of English jargon from various subjects, Rephrase will permit Android clients to advantageously and actually gain proficiency with their new words with everyday illustrations. Experience no difficulties utilizing the application to advance new words from various classes and utilize its separated reiterations to upgrade your st

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