Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download

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Google Play ID:com.exatools.sensors
Size:6.32 MB
MOD Features:Premium Unlocked
Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download
Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Free Download


Sensors Toolbox MOD APK 1.7.01 (Premium Unlocked) Utilize the application to partake in across the board sensor subtleties on your Android gadgets!

Go ahead and use Sensors Tool kit to get to every one of the accessible sensors on your Android gadgets. Here, you can utilize the application to rapidly get to these important data to analyze your framework. Have full data about your Android gadgets and its environmental factors with numerous precise sensor information. They’ll educate you a ton concerning your gadgets.

Basic and simple to utilize

Enter and get to every one of the sensors that are accessible on your Android framework by means of the instinctive application UI and easy to use interfaces. Pick any sensors and have their total subtleties at the home menu. Like Shrewd Instruments, this astonishing power-client application will permit everybody to begin utilizing its highlights.

A lot of exact movement sensors

Make utilizations of numerous exact movement sensors in Sensors Tool kit, which will allow you to identify specific developments of the Android gadgets. Check for the accelerometer readings in both straight speed increase and gravity sensors. Follow both the aligned and uncalibrated spinner information. Open gadget’s 3D direction subtleties.

Utilize the closeness sensors to check for neighboring items. Follow the pedometer and motor sensors to additional track your developments. What’s more, go ahead and utilize different sensors, including the huge sensor, turn vector sensors, movement and position sensors.

Make utilizations of the ecological sensors

Every one of the natural sensors will allow you to follow further gadget data. Here, it’s feasible to utilize the light sensor to follow the lux and lx qualities around you. Utilize the magnetometer to compute the surrounding attractive field values. Work with the Indicator to quantify the strain around you. Check for the relative stickiness and temperature sensors to follow significant weather conditions subtleties.

Investigate the area sensors

Work with the exact area sensors in Sensors Tool kit to follow your precise areas, including the ongoing elevations, map subtleties, development speed, and different GPS information. Join with satellite pictures to have the most dependable area sensors with Sensors Tool kit.

Numerous different sensors

With an immense assortment of various sensors, Sensors Tool kit will allow you to investigate other fascinating bits of knowledge. Check for the sound level and amplifier meter in decibel, utilizing the gave sensors. Monitor your wellbeing with the pulse sensors on your Android gadgets. Follow the NFC sensor and peruser information continuously. Also, work with numerous different sensors that’re accessible on your cell phones.

Gadget status and equipment

Alongside the gave sensors, Sensors Tool compartment additionally offers significant gadget status and equipment data, which you can undoubtedly keep tracks of. Go ahead and use Sensors Tool compartment to follow the battery status, voltages, temperature, wellbeing, and innovation on your gadgets. Approach the camera equipment subtleties, including your front and back camera goals. Keep tracks of the Android Smash, computer processor, and other equipment status.

Go ahead and tweak your sensor units

Go ahead and utilize the custom settings to customize your in-application encounters. Here, Sensors Tool kit allows you to pick the favored estimation units. You can likewise arrange sensor posting by including and eliminating components the home menu. Pick your favored sensor update spans, so you can get the most recent information without utilizing an excess of battery. Modify the topic settings with valuable presets. The rundown goes on.

Partake in our free premium application

For the people who are intrigued, you can now get the free variant of Sensors Tool kit on the Google Play Store. Notwithstanding, the freemium application will have promotions and restricted highlights, which you want to pay to open. Thus, in the event that you don’t wish to pay while needing the exceptional elements, then, at that point, our Premium Opened application is positively awesome. Essentially get the Sensors Tool stash mod APK on our site, then, at that point, adhere to the given guidelines.


Utilize the application to get to all suitable sensors on your Android gadgets. Investigate the different equipment that are accessible on the framework. Also, appreciate involving their gave information in this across the board Android sensor application.

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