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On the off chance that you're searching for a straightforward portable application to prepare your moves, STEEZY will offer the very best elements for you to partake in your ordinary practices.
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On the off chance that you’re searching for a straightforward portable application to prepare your moves, STEEZY will offer the very best elements for you to partake in your ordinary practices.


Moving is certainly one of the most mind-blowing social and individual exercises for everybody. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to communicate your thoughts through your one of a kind developments and mind blowing music. Appreciate incredible moves and have some good times associating with others through your moves. Be that as it may, relatively few individuals know how to move or how to move toward their preparation.

Thus, in the event that you’re experiencing difficulties figuring out how to move, this marvelous portable use of STEEZY will dazzle you with a considerable lot of its elements. Essentially enter the application and begin utilizing its elements to partake in your relaxed moving encounters. Approach the most natural and exhaustive directions, which will ensure that you’re dependably ready to partake in your moves.

All figure out more about this magnificent versatile application and its astounding highlights with our most far reaching surveys.

How can it respond?

Here in STEEZY, Android clients will have themselves the most astounding versatile application to partake in their easygoing moving encounters. Go ahead and use it to gain moving all along. Or on the other hand search for new dance moves that you can follow and reproduce in your own dance recordings. Have the best learning and moving encounters with many highlights gave by the application.

Partake in the completely organized encounters in STEEZY, where you get the hang of moving and having some good times with your expert dance programs. Continuously have the most ideal teachers that anyone could hope to find for your different moving courses. Investigate the bit by bit guidelines in STEEZY with the most complete moving aides. Partake in your natural exhibitions of moving moves from many points.

Open your #1 library to continuously remain participated in the application. Approach the astonishing dance recordings without associating with the Web. Partake in your natural video playback for wonderful dance move rehearses. Make utilizations of the application on shrewd televisions and Chromecast gadgets. The rundown goes on.


For those of you who are intrigued, you can now get the free variant of STEEZY from the Google Play Store, which ought to permit you to partake in the application on the entirety of your gadgets without paying for your downloads. In any case, remember the freemium application will accompany constrained promotions that could irritate you. What’s more, to open the restricted elements, you’ll have to pay for the premium application.

Also, as other Android applications, it’s suggested that you have your cell phones refreshed to the most recent firmware forms, ideally Android 5.0 and up, since it’ll enormously work on your in-application security and its general similarity with the framework.

With STEEZY, a large portion of the in-application highlights will require specific access consents to appropriately work. So try to constantly consider the provoking solicitations upon your most memorable time entering the application, if you need to empower the completely highlighted application form.

Magnificent elements

Here are the astonishing elements that the application brings to the table:

Straightforward and simple to utilize

For those of you who are intrigued, you can promptly sign in to STEEZY and begin utilizing its highlights in a hurry. Get speedy suggestions of classes, courses, programs, and different sections that match your specific inclinations. Or on the other hand go ahead and utilize the speedy pursuit choice to find specific passages following your watchwords. All that is left is to choose the dance classes and begin moving by adhering to the application’s directions.

Many classes for artists

Here in STEEZY, Android clients will approach an immense assortment of various dance classes, which will permit them to continuously have some good times with their moving encounters. Go ahead and investigate the 800+ classes with new passages being added consistently. Appreciate finding many cool moving courses with cool styles and adjustable schedules accessible. Have your different moving classes accessible in various levels and client’s inclinations. The rundown goes on.

Arranged your in-application encounters

Also, talking about which, STEEZY clients can openly alter their inclinations to further develop their moving encounters in the application.

Begin by picking your favored levels in the application with the various choices accessible. Go for the Shiny new practices on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to move or where to begin. Utilize the Novice settings assuming you can follow the beats and perform fundamental dance moves. Partake in the Halfway choice with open to learning schedules and moving practices. Also, for the talented artists, the High level practices are where you can improve your expert abilities.

Additionally, you can redo your dance objectives so the application can furnish you with arranged ideas with regards to the classes. Decide to mess around with easygoing moving activities during gatherings, weddings, and other group environments. Appreciate learning the many cool movement in the application with the most moving MVs and web-based entertainment recordings. Investigate a particular moving methodology in STEEZY with the various choices of expressive dance, popping, contemporary, house, and that’s just the beginning. Partake in your extraordinary exercises in STEEZY where you can deal with your new dance moves while preparing your body constitution.

Furthermore, go ahead and browse a wide range of moving styles in the application. Here, you’re permitted to investigate numerous extraordinary moving choices of Hip-bounce, Open Style, K-pop, House, Breaking, Popping, Whacking, Krump, Heels, Jazz Funk, etc. Pick your top choices and begin right now with STEEZY.

Master hitting the dance floor with proficient projects

For those of you who are intrigued, you’ll presently approach an assortment of expert moving projects in STEEZY. Experience no difficulties utilizing the application to find the all around organized classes that were made by proficient artists with extraordinary moving and instructing encounters. Get familiar with the expert approaches to moving and keep on rehearsing to improve your abilities. With STEEZY, you’ll have the main strong strides toward proficient moving abilities.

Have the most ideal teachers that anyone could hope to find

What’s more, talking about which, the actual application likewise includes up to 100+ expert artists with various foundations and moving callings for you to investigate. Go ahead and enter the application and consistently find your #1 artists in STEEZY, which will permit you to constantly have the best encounters with your moving practices. Permit these gifted and experienced artists to show you the nuts and bolts and high level moving courses at whatever point you need. Continuously appreciate taking advantage of your advancement, now that you’re working with the expert artists.

Have your bit by bit directions for everything

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now have your bit by bit moving directions accessible in STEEZY. Go ahead and enter the application and begin utilizing its elements to have your major moving methods being laid out. With the most instinctive directions and showing recordings, you’ll experience no difficulties improving at moving.

Instinctive exhibitions from many points

Furthermore, talking about which, the moving recordings and enlivened exhibitions in STEEZY will come at the most ideal quality, so you can see the spotless and clear pictures. Have yourself the most natural showings that are accessible in various points, which will assist you with completely envisioning the dance moves and appreciate the activities.

Natural video player for moving

Simultaneously, you’ll likewise have the natural video player in STEEZY for streamlined moving practices. Go ahead and utilize the application to have smooth playbacks of your moving moves. Make great purposes of the natural contacts and motion controls to associate with the application actually. What’s more, go ahead and work with a wide range of highlights for moving in STEEZY, as the application allows you to reflect your moves for better representations. Utilize the Circle choice to replay the recordings however long required. Empower your camera view mode to see your development while watching the recordings. Utilize the speed settings to change the rhythms of your moves. The rundown goes on.

Support projecting your training recordings

What’s more, assuming that you wish to utilize the application, particularly assuming that you have your huge screen gadgets of shrewd televisions or screens being accessible, then, at that point, you can constantly utilize the fast projecting element in the application to transfer your recordings to the bigger screen. This component will assist you with partaking in your moving practices significantly more.

Save your top picks easily

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now rapidly save your top picks in STEEZY. Experience no difficulties utilizing the application to save your #1 classes so you can survey them at whatever point you need. Or on the other hand you can follow the set of experiences rundown to beware of your new moving projects. What’s more, even keep tabs on your development with the recorded information.

Download dance recordings for disconnected utilizes

To make the application more available, STEEZY will permit its clients to empower disconnected utilizations of the in-application highlights with practically no difficulties. All you really want is to enter the application and select whichever guidance recordings that you wish to highlight disconnected to download them. You can then appreciate disconnected utilizations of the recordings at whatever point you need.

Welcome companions to rehearse meetings and dance parties

For those of you who are intrigued, you can now welcome companions to join your training meetings and dance parties in STEEZY. Go ahead and enter the application and begin investigating this splendid component, which will permit you to associate with different clients. Utilize the voice and video talks to welcome others to join your room. Here, you can rehearse together or join each other in thrilling gatherings. All of which will significantly work on your in-application encounters.

Approach our free mod

Also, last however not stand the test of time, for those of you who are keen on the free rendition of STEEZY yet are irritated by the advertisements and in-application buys, you should consider the adjusted application on our site all things considered. Here, we offer the Superior Opened application with eliminated ds and limitless elements, which you can get for nothing. All it t

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